Industrial Hygiene Services

Chemical Hazard
Evaluation and Sampling

IHST provides thorough and precise evaluation and testing services. The ability to find data on unusual or uncommon chemicals is of increasing importance. The use of electronic media and online and databases allows IHST to remain abreast of the most recent regulatory changes, research, and test procedures. Combining these resources with traditional research methods provides the most complete and timely information for our clients.

IHST is equipped to perform air sampling for nearly all classes of chemical contaminants. We offer both personnel and area air monitoring services, using both active and passive sampling techniques. Real-time monitoring is available for many contaminants. IHST can perform sampling for most organic and inorganic vapors and particulates. Laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) provide IHST's analytical services, giving clients increased assurance of objectivity and quality analyses.

Occupational and Environmental Noise Assessment

IHST provides a wide range of noise assessment services, including personal noise dosimetry and sound levels measurements for occupational exposures, community environmental noise and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) noise modeling and assessment. IHST uses technologically current sound monitoring equipment and software, capable of meeting the requirements of most U.S. and international noise assessment regulations and guidelines. IHST's experienced industrial hygienists collect and interpret data, and prepare thorough and clear reports that give clients the information and recommendations necessary to effectively meet their noise challenges.

Development of Occupational and Environmental Health Programs

Today's regulatory environment and good management practices mandate the development of formal programs to evaluate and control potential hazards in the workplace. OSHA regulations routinely require initial evaluations of workplaces and specific processes. If potential problems exist, they must be controlled in a manner that is effective, cost-efficient, and in compliance with applicable regulations. IHST offers a variety of professional services to assist clients in meeting these goals.

IHST offers full OSHA compliance audits, task- or process-specific inspections, and program review. In addition, IHST can provide full or part-time support for existing programs. Offerings include program development and review, OSHA record maintenance, monitoring and testing services, inspection and auditing services, training, and advisory support. IHST also offers support during legal or regulatory actions, including regulatory data and literature searches, monitoring and testing, technical assistance, and expert witness services.

IHST routinely provides support or develops programs for many high-profile health and safety issues, including:

  • Respiratory Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hearing Conservation (Noise)
  • Hazard Communication (Right-to-Know)
  • Chemical Hygiene

Training Services

IHST employs field experts for development of course curriculum and materials, as well as actual classroom presentation. These educators have been selected not only for their expertise, but also for their ability to effectively communicate. IHST instructors can present effective, enjoyable courses for audiences of diverse educational backgrounds. IHST is committed to producing and presenting the most effective and enjoyable courses possible.

IHST has a variety of courses prepared for presentation with minimal lead time. All courses meet current regulatory requirements. Courses include certificates of completion, and all course and attendance information required for record-keeping purposes.